ALOHA!🌴 Having a Hawaiian themed party or Luau, but don’t want a Bay Area Shaved Ice Catering?

Our Italian Ice Tropical Flavors have been a big hit @ Company Luaus & Aloha Parties! 😎

We’ve got many delicious ‘Island Flavors’ such as our “BIG DADDY” (Pineapple, Cherry & Orange Swirl)…Strawberry Banana…Pina Colada…”Manic Berry” (Red Raspberry, Strawberry & Mango Swirl)…and many other tropical flavors.

Is this SF Bay Area Shaved Ice Catering?

NOPE! Unlike snow cones & shave ice (which is literally just a pile of shaved/crunchy ice with syrups poured over the top), our Italian Ice Cream Catering is made with the same blending consistency process as ‘traditional’ ice cream where all of the flavors & ingredients are mixed together prior to being frozen.

So instead of chewing on crunchy chunks of ice, Italian Ice Cream Catering has more of a consistent texture & flavoring with each bite that just melts in your mouth!   It delivers a unique silky, smooth textured, creamy and delicious refreshing frozen dessert in a natural water base consistency made with fruit puree. The closest description we can give it is being a hand-scooped smoothie or that it’s most similar to a sorbet.

Although we don’t offer the Bay Area Shaved Ice Catering, we’ll offer something a bit tastier with our Italian Ice Cream treats.

Hire us to bring our Tropical flavors to add to all the Fun for your next SF Bay Area ‘Shaved Ice’ Catering / Italian Ice needs!

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